About Steadfast

About Steadfast

Culminating main street manufacturing products with business development expertiseabout-steadfast-automation-control

Steadfast operates as an independent agency representing the best main street brands in automation control. We also specialize in marketing automation and business development consulting to the companies and industries we serve.

We currently represent manufacturing brands in the specialty areas of industrial hose assemblies, electrical control panels and automation systems. All of these manufacturers offer their products across various industries including: manufacturing, pharmaceutical, agricultural, municipal and federal government, power and chemical processing.

Steadfast Beginnings

The birth of this company comes from ten years of business development efforts in sales and marketing for small to mid-size businesses here in the United States, along with expertise gained through hands-on sales management in industrial & commercial automation.

steadfast-automation-control-has-landedWe are just getting started, but maintain the highest confidence in furthering the brands we represent and their high-quality offerings, available to those with challenges in automation control, as well as business development.

Christopher Woodland is the founder and lead business developer of Steadfast. His experience includes expertise in business strategy, startups, business development, sales management and marketing automation. He previously worked in IT within the global finance and bioinformatics industries.

Steadfast Marketing automation and business development?

It would be unfair to not offer the expertise and knowledge gained over the last decade to those who face a continuously evolving sales & marketing landscape. It is also evident that while manufacturers get automation when it comes to production and operations, many still have not considered the ROI from automating what they can in business development, so more time and money can be focused on developing relationships for all stakeholders. So what is marketing automation? Find out here.

We also have an agile team of experts experienced in establishing and growing manufacturing businesses, who are ready when needed to offer consulting in related areas of industrial automation and manufacturing. Because your challenge may not only be business development and, or product related. Maybe an operational, financial or other business process challenge must be overcome to succeed in your industrial endeavors. Contact us at info@steadfastautomation.com to see if we can help.

The Steadfast Creed

We will be undaunted in offering the strongest products and services in automation control. By strongest we mean those with the highest brand integrity, customer service excellence and fair dealings. The owners and stakeholders of our brands have proven this to Steadfast and it is why we can offer them to our customers with confidence.

We offer first class main street automation control products & services to commercial, industrial & manufacturing industries across the globe.

We will be part of the manufacturing and business growth renaissance starting to happen here in the United States. This does not mean that we are adverse to international businesses. As a matter of fact, the brands we represent already rely on, and support companies in other parts of the world. However, we believe Main Street desperately needs to be revived, to stay strong for America and beyond.

Fair dealings

This is not a given anymore in business. Every day now, news is delivered regarding some type of dishonest or corrupt situation related to business. This has got to go and it starts with a commitment to integrity on all sides of the table. We will always work with customers that demand this, as well as brands and vendors that deliver on the same commitment. Maybe then, the news media will have no choice, but to report on business integrity, rather than a lack thereof.

Along with these commitments, we will be steadfast at producing business opportunities that yield profitable returns for all stakeholders involved.

We are excited to play a role in the push for renaissance of United States manufacturing through offering the best products and service brands from American ingenuity, hard work and customer service excellence.

Will we add more manufacturing product lines?

Eventually. We will focus on our current manufacturing products and services at this time. We believe the timing of expanding our automation control offerings will manifest as Steadfast moves forward. Feel free to let us know if you are interested in having us represent your brand in the near future.

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